Hi! Welcome to Terrapin Bluffs Meadery.

Terrapin Bluffs Meadery is the story of a man, lets call him Terrapin, bluffing he can make something enjoyable to drink.  Specializing in that most ancient of libations, he hopes, nay plans, to one day make meads for the enjoyment of the masses.  Follow along with us as we take this journey, documenting the steps from A to B, from amateur home meadmaker to fledgling professional.  If we don’t make it, such is life; at least we will have learned something along the way.


To date, TBM encompasses a small closet, with a total production capacity of a measly 47 gallons at any given time. (Hey, I did only set my goals at that most lofty title of fledgling professional!) With this starting point, and a little creative inventorying, Terrapin will experiment with all sorts of modern meadmaking techniques and recipes, discuss the up and coming mead industry, and get down and dirty with those details you never thought about wandering around your local liquor store.  And if you need a primer on mead, or get interested in making it yourself, we will cover all of this as well in our blog.

For now, take a seat and we’ll deal you in.  And remember, no matter how tempting, don’t call Terrapin’s Bluff.

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