New AMMA Publication

Thought I’d take this time to reference to the latest American Mead Maker’s Association’s (AMMA) newsletter.  Has some interesting articles on mead-food pairings, mead recipe design, an historical reference to mead (Pliny the Elder), and a recap of the 2013 Mazer Cup: AMMA Summer 2013.  If you missed the first two newsletters, they are worth a read as well.

For those who don’t know, the AMMA is a relatively newly formed body with the following long-term goals:

  • Establish relationship with government officials
  • Member discounts at participating wineries
  • Reduced entry fees at mead events
  • Establish Mead Style Guidelines for legislation and competitions
  • Create Mead Judge Certification program
  • Clinics taught by industry leaders and subject matter experts
  • Mead science research

The organization is extremely young, only founded in May 2012.  I encourage all to support their local meadery, and in turn support the AMMA.  They may not seem like much yet, but show promise in promoting mead related causes in the coming years.

And while you’re at it, you should help promote fair regulations for the mead industry, brought to you by the one and only Ken Schramm, author of The Compleat Meadmaker